A planet made of diamond has recently been discovered

By Simona Ganea posted in Other Stuff on Aug 31 2011

How cool would it be to see a planet made of diamond? Most of us didn’t even imagine that this could possible, didn’t even dream that it could be true. Well, scientist are ready to prove us wrong. A team of scientists have recently discovered that there is such a planet. Actually, it’s not a planet but more like a star.

They were able to detect this precious planet with the help of a 64m radio telescope. The discovery was made in Parkes, Australia. The planet orbits an unusual star known as a pulsar. This star emits very powerful radiations at an interval of 1.4 milliseconds and 8.5 seconds. It’s a very precise interval, however not enough to let us get close.

The new planet that has been discovered has slightly more mass than Jupiter and it’s 20 times as dense. The planet is largely to be made of oxygen and carbon. This, in combination with its high density means that it is most certainly crystalline, in other words similar to a diamond. The planet and its pulsar are part of the Milky Way and they are located 4,000 light-years away in the constellation of Serpens.{found on Tgdaily}