Add luxury to your home in a budget with a gold carpet

Feb 28 2012 / No Comments

Very often luxury is misinterpreted by many people. People who have a lot of money will buy all sorts of things that indeed are expensive but not necessarily fit the luxury profile. For example expensive cars with shiny wheels or super hi-tech audio-video equipments installed around the entire house don’t ...


Aurora Pens signed 125 years of Mercedes-Benz

Jan 23 2012 / No Comments

Technology, innovation, charm and perfection are the values ​​shared by Mercedes-Benz and Aurora Pens. To celebrate 125 years of German car manufacturer, the Piedmontese company has created a unique collection of luxury pens. The richer the stylus and Numbered Limited Edition Optima black resin finished in solid gold and diamond. It ...


Online Shopping: The Future is Here

Jan 4 2012 / No Comments

As each Christmas passes and the reliance internet grows then the figures for people opting to do their shopping online opposed to high street shopping is set to soar. The statistics show that in the UK sales on Cyber Monday (November 28th) in 2011 were 21% higher than in the ...


Luxurious Cannoli with Diamond Necklace

Nov 23 2011 / No Comments

Wanna hear something odd? They made a $ 26,010 cannoli cake. As a matter o fact, the cannoli stand with a $26,000 diamond necklace, so you can say it’s really a deal. The cannoli is a Sicilian desert, made with tubular fried pastry shell filled with whipped ricotta cheese filling that ...


Ride the Champion at your own home

Nov 16 2011 / No Comments

The 1950s were some glorious years when people really knew how to entertain themselves and how to cherish life. From kids, to teenagers, grown-ups and old men, all had their specific charming now for us, activity or stereotype. One of these is the horse ride simulator for kids. If in the ...


The Ferrari CF8 – the carbon fiber bicycle

Sep 21 2011 / No Comments

You want badly a Ferrari, but you don’t have enough money to buy one? If you really are a big Ferrari fan and you can’t live without one, then you should try another type of Ferrari… the Ferrari CF8, a carbon fiber bicycle. Just think about the advantages. You’ll get ...