A pen in gold and diamonds

Mar 6 2012 / No Comments

The "Charity Celebrity Fight Night" celebrates its 17 anniversary. This event has helped raise over the years the tune of 70 million dollars in favor of, among others, the "Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center", active in the "Barrow Neurological Institute" in Phoenix (Arizona).The 2012 edition of the charity event will be ...


The beauty of paintings

Feb 20 2012 / No Comments

We all need to protect our treasured photos, documents or paintings. We might also have some prints, albums and records to take care of. And no picture or document is big or small. Even a small little print can hold a great value for us. Therefore one should always look ...


Sir Elton John’s 1965 Jaguar E-Type Auction

Jan 23 2012 / No Comments

The Jaguar E-Type 1965 by Elton John, bought in 1987 by singer, will be auctioned by Bonhams on March 3. The sales estimates reach the £50,000-70,000 , but the end result could be better, for the name on the booklet.This creature, whose forms were much appreciated by Enzo Ferrari, made ...


The 6 most expensive musical instruments on the planet

Nov 29 2011 / No Comments

From finely crafted, 300-year-old violins to modern guitars straight from the manufacturer, musical instruments can often be pricier than you would expect. There are a number of factors that can influence the price of a musical instrument, such as its age, condition, previous owners (celebrity-owned) or number of editions produced, ...

first guitar and 24 kt gold piano

Elvis Presley’s first guitar on action

Nov 18 2011 / No Comments

Elvis Presley sells anytime. Sometimes there are cheap items, with a questionable quality, but some other time, when the providers are serious ones, you may have the occasion to buy authentic items owned by the king of rock and roll. So beware of the New York’s Guernsey’s Auction House auction from ...

Baldi Harrods crystal bathtub at Harrods

Harrods – the varied luxurious store

Nov 17 2011 / No Comments

I you have enough money and you want to buy all sorts of luxurious things but you don’t like searching from a place to another, then you should know you can buy almost anything from a single place. This place is Harrods, an elitist store located at Brompton road in ...