Europe’s Top Music Festivals

Mar 20 2012 / No Comments

The new generation of festival goers are not trudging through the mud, drenched to the bone.  We enjoy all of the creature comforts of home along with our own schedules of music and madness instead. From the V Festival to Sziget in Hungary – here are a few favourites. It seems ...


Europe’s Biggest Mall Opens for the Olympic Games in 2012

Nov 26 2011 / No Comments

When a country wins the possibility of hosting one world’s important events, such as the Olympic Games, it doesn’t win only the honor, but also some economical gains. Just think about how many tourists will come to see the games! And what tourists do? Well, they buy a lot. So ...


World’s biggest uncut emerald on exhibit in Bogota

Jun 28 2011 / No Comments

This huge emerald is said to be the biggest raw emerald in the world. It was mined in Muzo, in the South American nation’s emerald country in Boyaca province, 12 years ago. Now it’s being displayed in the capital of Columbia where everyone can see it. A maximum of 15 ...


Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of Queen Elizabeth

May 15 2011 / No Comments

As a part of the ongoing celebrations of the Royal family come the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth. What better occasion than this to put all her private collection of diamonds on display. Having ruled for last 60 years, 2012 will see Queen Elizabeth celebrating here Diamond Jubilee. The palace ...


Sculpture of Pink Panther at Sotheby’s

May 14 2011 / No Comments

A sculpture of Pink Panther was sold for $16.8 million on May 10th at a Sotheby art auction. Work of Jeff Koons, an American artist which has always grabbed center stage at these auctions was the man behind this sculpture which was expected to sell for $20 to $30 million. A ...


Aston Martin DB6 style used by Royal couple on auction

May 10 2011 / No Comments

We all saw Prince William and his new bride drive around the streets in an Aston Martin DB6 convertible. Now two similar models like the ones which are in possession of Prince Charles will be up for auction.  Predicted to take place on the 21st of May at the Aston ...