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A New Design Concept Introduced by COO Hair ECLAT

Sep 10 2013 / No Comments

Beauty salons have always impressed with their color palettes and trendy designs but today we found one that stands out in a very different way. This is COO Hair ECLAT, a beauty salon found in Meito-ku Nagoya Aichi, Japan. It has a very clean, minimalist and transparent design dominated by ...


Expensive Kimberly Perry Handbag

Feb 16 2012 / No Comments

The name comes from the famous Egyptian queen of the Ptolemaic period, and expresses great beauty the Blue Diamond Cleopatra Clutch. This bag, designed by Lana Marks, was created specifically for Kimberly Perry, who have used it at the Grammy Awards. The soloist of the American country band "The Band Perry" ...


New Stormtrooper Helmet Made by Two Pairs of Adidas

Sep 20 2011 / No Comments

Hey there, Star Wars fans! Since there are so many of you, it looks like companies try to please you with any occasion. They know you like to collect everything that’s related with your favorite movie and characters and that you already have a lot of amazing promoting stuff. So ...


Michael Jackson’s art collection is currently at an LA Airport hangar

Aug 20 2011 / No Comments

The day when the legendary Michael Jackson has dies was a very sad day for all his fans and for people all over the world. Their idol has died and it will probably never be someone like him. That was also the day when some people were thinking of a ...


Jimmy Choo sold to Labelux for £500m

May 22 2011 / No Comments

For the 4th time, luxury shoe maker, Jimmy Choo has been sold, and it is this time that it has been bought for the highest price. A record £500m was paid by Labelux to buy Jimmy Choo from its owner Tamara Mellon, a former It girl and model. Tamara is expected ...


Kate Winslet the brand image of St. John

May 16 2011 / No Comments

Kate Winslet has signed a twelve month long agreement with St. John to be their model for their line of clothing. Kate Winslet mentioned to Woman’s Wear Daily a periodical on woman’s fashion that even though she was not a model and did not have the face or figure to ...