Nola’s Grand Reference VI Speakers

Jun 6 2012 / No Comments

I’ve been waiting for a post like this for some time, because I have played in a band and I am more than passionate about sound. As a matter of fact I have a pretty impressive collection of speakers myself, but let’s focus on these ones for now. As we ...


The Bookbike storage

Mar 19 2012 / No Comments

I know a lot of people who love also books and bikes. But when it comes to combine the two hobbies they can face a problem.  Until now there was an only way to solve this problem, by riding their bike to the park and then stop and start reading.  ...


Old-School Gold Phone for the Collectors

Nov 23 2011 / No Comments

For the luxury lovers another item is available. It’s the limited edition 18 carat gold phone from Danish retail brand Aesir.The model has been especially created for the Russian high style collectors. The phone has a classic design and it’s made from 18 carat gold. This model costs $ 56,334, ...


OM Meditation Pod

Sep 21 2011 / No Comments

Furniture is most o the time not only something that is made to fill our houses, but something that makes them more comfortable. But how far can you go when it comes about your comfort? Alberto Frias is one of the designers which consider that furniture is more than an object, ...

The Sealander caravan that floats

The Sealander caravan that floats

Sep 12 2011 / No Comments

Many people prefer going on weekends or on vacation in nature with their caravan. They set in a camping lot or on the coast of a lake and they enjoy the view. But what if you could camp in water? Seems impossible, right? Well, now it’s not anymore. The Sealander is ...


Native Union’s Pop Phone Handset

Sep 10 2011 / No Comments

Girls like to chat for hours, doesn’t matter with whom. They babble about everything, they gossip, they make fun of others or they simply joke. Time passes and things changes, but not the girls habit.  Modern technology allows us to communicate from anywhere. Nowadays many people are almost mobile phones ...