Turquoise Jerome Dreyfuss Purse

Mar 6 2012 / No Comments

The Twee Mini is a leather bag signed by Jerome Dreyfuss. Small and compact, is distinguished by its crisp look, enhanced by the choice of colors inspired by the blue sky and sea. Featuring an external pocket with zip closure, lined interior compartment offers a 100% cotton, with a handy mirror, ...


Gwyneth Paltrow – The new face of Coach

May 2 2011 / No Comments

As part of the 70th anniversary celebrations of Coach, Gwyneth Paltrow has been declared as a new brand ambassador for the company’s products which deals in luxury accessories. Excited about her new task, Gwyneth Paltrow spoke about how she had grown up on New York and considered Coach a typical New ...


Expensive Mulberry Lily Bag

Mar 21 2011 / No Comments

Bag is an indispensable object that women cannot live without it. It is an accessory that has many utilities and is an also a decorative item. I am one of these women who cannot leave home without a bag.A bag is an excellent holder for different things like: cosmetics, keys, ...

Special Alexander McQueen Four Finger Flower Leather

Special Alexander McQueen Four Finger Flower Leather Clutch, Handbag

Mar 1 2011 / No Comments

Women or young girls cannot live without their accessories no matter if it happens to speak about jewelry, a bag, a scarf or a perfume. These objects are things which define them as females. There are women who cannot leave home without their favorite bag or jewelry. They seem somehow ...


The Most Expensive Purse in the World

Mar 1 2011 / No Comments

Normally all girls all women are really happy when they have a ring with a diamond. The diamond can be bigger or smaller, depending on the financial possibilities of the person purchasing it. But to have more than ten or fifteen such rocks seems like a story from 1001 nights. ...