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Artistic New York loft with expansive private terraces

Nov 18 2013 / No Comments

Located in Chelsea, in Manhattan, New York City, this apartment has 4 spacious bedrooms and it covers a huge area of 4000 square feet which is around 371 square meters. It’s a rare opportunity to find such a place so, especially on the market. The apartment is for sale for ...


Custom tiny homes on wheels designed in Tennessee

Sep 10 2013 / No Comments

Tennessee Tiny Homes is a project started and developed by Joe Everson. Joe is located near Memphis and he started building these unusual homes in 2012. He has years of experience building custom homes so the project wasn’t that different from what he’s used with. It is, however, unique. The Tennessee ...


Two homes sold as one in Melbourne, Australia

Sep 10 2013 / No Comments

Warehouses that got converted into private residence are quite common. However, this is a more special case. This structure used to be a warehouse. At one point, it got transformed. But it didn’t become a private home. Instead, it was converted into two separate residences. The two homes can be ...


Contemporary lake house overlooking the blue waters that inspired Hemmingway

Sep 10 2013 / No Comments

Located near Walloon Lake in Michigan, USA, this contemporary residence sits on a hill and overlooks the clear blue waters of what used to be one of Hemingway favorite vacation spots. The area here is very beautiful and very quiet and this makes the perfect location for a vacation home. The ...


Beautiful summer retreat with stunning views a wooden interior

Sep 10 2013 / No Comments

It’s still cold outside and during this time of the year all we can do is wait for the summer to come back. We often imagine how summer will be, how we’ll be able to relax, enjoy the weather and admire the views. And where do we imagine ourselves being ...


The Compact And Open NN House In Tokyo

Sep 10 2013 / No Comments

Since the population keeps increasing but the surface available remains the same, we now have less space and fewer options to choose from when it comes to building a house. It’s why we have to be creative. A great example in this case is the NN House. This house is ...