Luxurious Private Apartment On The Top Floor Of A Hotel

Sep 15 2013 / No Comments

Personally, when staying at a hotel, I prefer to get a room on the top floor because it’s more quiet there and it’s perfect for admiring the beautiful views surrounding the place. But in the case of the One&Only Hotel in Capetown, South Africa, that would be impossible to do ...


A perfect blend of modern and innovative at the Luna2 Studios Hotel

Sep 11 2013 / No Comments

Located near the Luna2 Private Hotel, in the center of Seminyak in Bali, the Luna2 Studios is just a 20 minute drive from the International Airport. It’s a modern hotel that offers travelers a refreshing alternative to the usual style. Designed to be minimalist, this hotel impresses with its clean ...


The sleek and luxurious Palm Place Hotel & Spa and its extravagant pools

Sep 10 2013 / No Comments

There are many stunning hotels and spas in Las Vegas but today this one caught our eye. It’s the Palm Place Hotel & Spa. Located here, in Las Vegas, Nevada, this hotel stands out with its luxurious design. It’s internationally renowned for its exceptional accommodation and famous for its clubs, ...


The Mandalay Beach Villas, Recently Completed in Koh Samui

Sep 10 2013 / No Comments

Architecture and interior design are closely related but there are also other factors that can determine the beauty of a certain structure. One of them is represented by the surroundings. When a building or a series of structures is in perfect sync with the history and heritage of the area ...


The unique and bold design featured by the CitizenM London Bankside hotel

Sep 17 2012 / No Comments

Opened on July 4th 2012, the CitizenM London Bankside hotel was a very special project. it’s the first hotel built by CitizenM and it’s not the first one on that chapter alone. It’s also the first hotel to feature such bold combination of elements. It basically has its own style ...


Try new experiences in the luxury Yu bar in Shanghai

Jul 18 2012 / No Comments

Usually on vacations people are open to all sorts of new challenges and new experiences. These are meant to bring them to a sort of new world, to make them forget about the daily routine, make them become more open and more experienced. So, they try a new summer holiday ...