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British tuner BBR makes the Mazda MX-5 a lot faster

Sep 17 2012 / No Comments

We don’t hear too often about modified Mazdas, but the British tuners from BBR have decided to use their skills and experience to refine one of the most popular cars from this company, the Mazda MX-5. The upgrade package they’ve come up with, called Super 180, involves an increase in ...

Bentley Diamond Key from Alexander Amosu

Five most expensive car keys

Nov 29 2011 / No Comments

We often wonder why some cars value that much. The response depends on their brand, material, design and features. But did you ever think that even the car’s keys can be really expensive? Here’s a list of the most expensive car keys in the world. Be amazed! One of the most ...


Art and machines

Oct 4 2011 / No Comments

The most interesting things come from the association of different branches o the culture. This is what expanding our horizon means. And when you mix art with any other domain, the result will be also art. So leave the skeptics to think technology and mechanical industry hasn’t its sensitivity and ...


The legendary BMW ‘328’ under the hammer

Oct 4 2011 / No Comments

Today BMW is one of the most loved and luxurious cars, but at the beginning nobody had any trust in them. BMW started its activity in 1928, and in 1936 they proved what they were capable of at the Eifelrennen event when they won with the legendary ‘328’. Today the collectors ...


Maxximus Prodigy, the $ 1 million car that runs with gas

Oct 1 2011 / No Comments

Lately everyone talks about global warming and all sorts o calamities produces by the pollution. And one of the biggest sources of pollution and which is also very hard to restrict comes from our cars. If you want to be luxurious doesn’t mean you have to harm the nature. The ...

Harley-Davidson celebrates China’s centenary

Harley-Davidson celebrates China’s centenary

Sep 27 2011 / No Comments

Big companies always know how to attract and gratify their most important customers. And some time they make it so good it’s also an opportunity for them. This is the case of the legendary brand Harley-Davidson. The company gained its celebrity all over the world, but it seems in Asia ...