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The Mochen Office by Mochen Architects & Engineers

Jun 4 2012 / No Comments

There’s no better work than the one that you do for yourself. It’s also the opinion of those from Mochen Architects & Engineers. The company decided to design and build their own office. The idea was very clever. This allowed them to take into consideration every little detail that could ...


Paul Reed Smith launches three new guitar models

Oct 7 2011 / No Comments

One of the most loved musical instruments is the guitar. Although it is able to create almost any king of music, the guitar is most often associated with rock, punk, jazz or blues. In 1992 designer Paul Reed Smith began to create on his own garage from Annapolis some guitars ...


Dunhill’s new snowboard

Oct 6 2011 / No Comments

Winter is knocking at the door and snow and sport lovers should update their equipment to assure they’ll have a wonderful holyday. One of the most loved contemporary sports is snowboarding, due to its masculinity and extreme sensation. But as any extreme sport, snowboarding demands professional equipment for self security and ...


The New Cosmo Power, the catastrophe protector

Oct 5 2011 / No Comments

People are more and more interested in survival techniques. And this phenomenon may seem natural if we think about all the lately calamities and all the speculations about the end of the world. And if we consider the latest Tsunami and earthquakes from Japan, we will understand why the Japanese ...


Rolling Stones anniversary skies

Oct 4 2011 / No Comments

One o the biggest bands who thrilled generations and changed the history of music is the legendary Rolling Stones. This year the band celebrates 50 years so the members thought about how to mark this important event. So besides the obvious anniversary tour, the band started a co-operation with the ...


The new Sinus floor standing speakers

Sep 30 2011 / No Comments

Many people can’t live without music and among them, there are also some musicaholics which really are interested in the sound’s quality. And it’s true a high-performance audio system must give first a clear sound and only after that, volume. Trying to satisfy the customer’s needs the Mansberg Sound Company ...