World’s most luxurious vodka comes in a pure gold bottle

World’s most luxurious vodka comes in a pure gold bottle

Sep 10 2011 / No Comments

You probably know everything about incredibly expensive and luxurious beverages like the world’s most expensive champagne or those incredibly sophisticated wines that everyone is talking about. Vodka is usually not in the same category. This is a type of beverage that people don’t see as luxurious or tasteful. Nevertheless, this impression ...


Rare Glenlivet whisky bottle

Sep 9 2011 / No Comments

Many connoisseurs will prefer to drink a fine whisky instead of any other alcoholic drink, but even whisky has its hierarchy, one being finer and more expensive than another. But when it comes about the collection bottles, the price rises at astronomic sums and the delight of tasting one of ...


Hand in Hand for Haiti – humanitarian campaign

Sep 8 2011 / No Comments

Alcohol is usually associated with vice, luxury or superficiality, but nobody would think we can relate alcohol with charity. DFS and leading independent drinks group William Grant & Sons demonstrate that this is not an utopia. The two groups started a campaign entitled Hand in Hand for Haiti for helping the ...


Billionaire: the world’s most expensive vodka

Aug 5 2011 / No Comments

You probably read about excruciatingly expensive champagne and it’s useless to start talking about wine because everyone knows how expensive that can be. What you probably didn’t think at before is that vodka can be expensive too. Vodka is not known as a luxury drink or a sophisticated choice for ...


World’s largest luxury bottle of champagne

Jun 28 2011 / No Comments

There are only 6 versions of this unique bottle. It’s called “Midas” and it’s been named after King Midas. It’s definitely the world largest bottle of champagne. It can hold up to 40 regular-seized bottles and it weights 100 pounds. You’ll definitely need help carrying it. Another 30L "Midas" bottle ...

pierre ferrand cognac

100 year old cognac launched by Pierre Ferrand

Apr 9 2011 / No Comments

A 100 year old cognac has been launched by Pierre Ferrand. The amber brown cognac has a rich hue of color and fills your senses with candied fruits and prunes. Stored in a cellar for more than a century the liquid treasure is housed in an exquisite and unique crystal ...