Tips for Choosing Modern Kitchen Furniture

Jan 2 2014 / No Comments

Black and White. A kitchen furnished in black and white is exquisite and very modern. Choose kitchen chairs that fit into this sleek design, for instance black and silver stools. A kitchen designed with this color palette ensures clean lines and looks sophisticated, especially when metals are used as accessories.


Contemporary restaurant in Barcelona designed like a train

Nov 23 2013 / No Comments

There was a time when the train was the main means of transportation on longue destinations. People had to spend many hours on the road and the trains thus had restaurants. There was something very charming about this space. Dining in a train was exquisite. There’s nothing to compare that ...


The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Electric Patio Heaters

Nov 23 2013 / No Comments

Every year, during autumn when it’s so nice outside and you just want to spend some time outdoors on the patio but it’s too cold to do so. It’s when you usually take your electric patio heater out to solve the problem. But have you ever wondered which are the ...


Bedroom Ideas for the Youthful Couple

Nov 23 2013 / No Comments

Is your bedroom in desperate need of a makeover? Does opening the door and walking inside just put you in a bad mood? Is it old? Is it dull? Does it have any style? Does your partner hate it too? Well, there are so many easy ways to fix your ...


Design Details Characteristic To French Interiors

Nov 22 2013 / No Comments

Even if you know very little about this style, you can still easily distinguish a French interior from one in a different area of the globe. It’s because this style is unique and has multiple characteristics that make it stand out. It’s also a very famous style that used to ...


Top Five 1960’s Furniture and Accessories

Sep 26 2013 / No Comments

The 1960's is an interior trend that is often emulated in the home. It is of little surprise either; after all, this is a period that was defined by experimentation. The design stemmed from the postwar conformism and was mixed with the anticipation of cultural excess on the horizon.  But ...