Piaget collection

Mar 6 2012 / No Comments

The Piaget collection Gouverneur offers a balance of forms, in a fascinating new expressive canvas. This collection of watches is a concentration of expertise and history of the house, to whose excellent technical mastery.The Tourbillon model, equipped by the new caliber 642P, is one of the flagships of the line. ...


Wristwatch owned by the First President of India

Nov 17 2011 / No Comments

The luxury watch bellow is a part of a collection of luxury wacthes and expensive belonging to Rajendra Prasad, first President of independent India. This is a 18-carat pink gold Rolex, decorated in the quadrant with the map of the country of the Maharaja, which is engraved the date of ...


Three most expensive watches on auction

Oct 18 2011 / No Comments

We are already used with all types of auctions. From the most unusual items, to art collections, everything can be put under the hammer, especially when the cause is a noble one, like a charitable auction.  But it’s nothing weird in auctioning collection watches. Watches have become more than simple machineries ...

A tribute to time – Dominic Wilcox’s watch sculptures

A tribute to time – Dominic Wilcox’s watch sculptures

Sep 23 2011 / No Comments

Sometimes you should forget about the utility of an object and just focus on its creativity. This is the case of Dominic Wilcox ‘Moments in Time’ sculptures. The artist created some watches that illustrate different situations taken from the normal life. Apparently the artist shows normal situation, but on a ...


Corum golden Bridge Automatic

Jul 27 2011 / No Comments

Corum’s iconic Golden Bridge watch has been released in 2011, featuring an innovative linear winding system and an automatic mechanical movement. It’s the first one of its kind and it has been presented at the Only Watch event. This impressive innovative watch has a titanium case and a beautiful matte finish ...


I’m Watch, the world’s first smartwatch

Jul 20 2011 / No Comments

While it’s not completely defined yet, the I’m watch is definitely a very impressive new creation. It can best be described as an android-based watch in the making. It’s a combination of a phone inside a watch, an image that many other designers have tried to adopt but none has ...