Custom tiny homes on wheels designed in Tennessee

By Stefan posted in Homes & Real Estate on Sep 10 2013

Tennessee Tiny Homes is a project started and developed by Joe Everson. Joe is located near Memphis and he started building these unusual homes in 2012. He has years of experience building custom homes so the project wasn’t that different from what he’s used with. It is, however, unique.

The Tennessee Tiny Homes represent a collection of small houses on wheels. They are designed to look like regular houses but much smaller so they could be moved around. This allows you to take the mini-house with you in vacation and to enjoy the comfort of a real home instead of staying at a hotel or in a tent. Joe has already completed several homes and his goal is to continue doing it. Another great thing about his tiny houses is that Joe plans on offering financing to those that wish to own one so they can be more accessible. This way it should be possible to pay off the tiny house in the time it takes to pay off a car.

Although the houses have lots of things in common, no two are alike. Each one is unique and this shows the ability to create diverse designs starting from a single main idea. The houses features different shapes and sizes as well as different designs, some more playful, some more rustic and some with a modern flair.