Home Sweet Home for Christopher and Merete

By Stefan posted in Home Design on Jul 29 2012

The dream of every couple is to have their own house at a certain moment. A place of their own where they can feel free to do whatever they want, comfortable and have nobody to tell them what to do. Lately, young couples are more and more eager to share everything together and try to live a life of their own, have a universe of their own, with their friends and own preoccupations, separated from their parents and far away from the house where they grew up.

Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller form a couple who dreamed to their own place and finally their dream came true. They tried to build a warm, sweet and small home surrounded by the beauty of mountains and using as more recyclable materials as possible. Although they were not experts they managed to build their small house in Hartsel, Colorado.

The tiny building covers a surface of 127 square feet but here you can get all the conditions and comfort of a normal life. It is a wooden construction which has a small kitchen area, a lecture corner, a nice bathroom, a practical office corner and a lovely location for the bedroom. The house was made in Boulder and it took them eight hours to drive it to Hartsel, Colorado. Most of the things were hung on the walls or on other different parts so that a lot of space could be saved. In the kitchen, the bathroom you can see the airy shelves or the things that are hung on different types of supports .The lovely wood ladder takes you somewhere upstairs where the bed is situated. This location is perfect for the bed where another piece of the incredible outside landscape can be admired.[found on apt}.