Making good use of the space in your bedroom

By Stefan posted in Home Design on Nov 21 2012

If you’re a home owner, you’ll know that redecorating and refitting a bedroom is rarely done on a whim. It’s important to make sure you settle on something that’s going to last for years. Although quality is important, durability isn’t the only factor hat has an impact on longevity. The atmosphere of a bedroom is crucial to effective rest and relaxation, so you need to be sure that you choose the latest fitted bedroom furniture designs in a style that matches your mood and sensibilities. On top of that, it’s important to consider the storage space, and whether it’s likely to meet your needs for a long time to come.

All this can be a bit of a headache when buying standalone furnishings, particularly if your bedroom doesn’t offer enough convenient right angles. However, there is one approach that solves all these problems, and also gives your room an enviably unique appearance – fitted bedroom furniture.

The main advantage of fitted bedroom furniture is that it makes the best use of the space available. You’ll have use of a personal designer, who’ll usually visit your home to take a detailed note of the available space. Maybe you have one or more inconvenient recesses in your bedroom walls, which have always defied tidy placement of standalone furnishings. In this case, you can be sure that your designer will be able to come up with a fitting that makes comprehensive use of the space, however oddly shaped it is. Furnishings will usually be set into the wall wherever possible, which capitalises on the shape of your room to create as much storage space as possible. On top of that, your room will be free of the dust traps that always come with standalone furnishings, making it much easier to keep your bedroom clean and tidy.

On top of the functional benefits, fitted furnishings also lend your bedroom a consistent, stylish look. As furnishings are designed to fit seamlessly into the available space, they’re much more subtle in appearance, and don’t impose themselves into a room like large standalone units. This not only gives you more floor space, but also offers multiple storage options without making your room claustrophobic, which is vital for effective relaxation.

If you’re interested in the latest fitted bedroom furniture designs, the internet is a great place to scout for suppliers. Companies like Neville Johnson have a wide variety of styles available that you can browse through online, although you’ll need to contact them directly for a full picture of what’s on offer.