An Austere But Stylish Residence On A Small Plot In Kifissia

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Sometimes simpler is better and we seem to understand that very well lately. There’s a simple and chic influence in architecture right now and it’s mostly characterized by contrast. On one hand, everything is extremely simple and austere but, on the other hand, everything is also chic, stylish and carefully ...


The Elegant JPGN Residence From Brazil, Featuring A Modern Design

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It’s very interesting to notice how trends change and to analyze their characteristics. For example, I think everyone knows the main elements that characterize a modern building. You expect a modern home to have a simple design, imposing architecture and a smart construction. You also expect its interior to be ...


Mercato Restaurant In Shanghai Serving Italian Food

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An important element that allows a chef to have success in a particular part of the world is knowing what and where to introduce foreign influences. For example, renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten recently opened a new restaurant in Shanghai, China and he serves delicious Italian sidhes with rustic flair. The restaurant ...


The sleek and luxurious Palm Place Hotel & Spa and its extravagant pools

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There are many stunning hotels and spas in Las Vegas but today this one caught our eye. It’s the Palm Place Hotel & Spa. Located here, in Las Vegas, Nevada, this hotel stands out with its luxurious design. It’s internationally renowned for its exceptional accommodation and famous for its clubs, ...


The Mandalay Beach Villas, Recently Completed in Koh Samui

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Architecture and interior design are closely related but there are also other factors that can determine the beauty of a certain structure. One of them is represented by the surroundings. When a building or a series of structures is in perfect sync with the history and heritage of the area ...

241-square metre house

Modern family home that used to be a worker’s cottage

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This is the Balmain house. It’s a modern structure that was built for a young family on a site that presented several concerns and challenges. First of all, the site is sandwiched between adjacent properties and there’s not much space between them s privacy became an issue. This also brought ...