Glass Walls For A Closer Connection To Nature In This London Home

Dec 30 2013 / No Comments

This beautiful and modern home is located in the Kingston region of London and it’s wonderful for several reasons. As you can notice from the start, the house features glass walls and establishes a close connection with the outdoors. The garden becomes an extension to the house and the views ...


Soothing and accessible loft redesigned to be wheelchair-friendly

Dec 16 2013 / No Comments

Being the victim of an accident or being born with a series of unique characteristics is definitely challenging. Everything has to be customized and redesigned in order to suit your needs. But this is not always a bad thing. Sometimes great things can happen, starting from that premises. For this ...


Stunning stone hotel in the ancient city of Matera

Dec 11 2013 / No Comments

Matera is a city from Italy, one of the most ancient ones in the world and the Sassi district where this hotel is situated is a World Heritage site. The Corte San Pietro Hotel was designed by Daniel Amoroso and built by Sio Ristrutturazioni of Silvio Olivieri and completed in ...


Tranquil holiday home on the Spanish coast

Dec 11 2013 / No Comments

It's quite difficult to design and build a holiday home which can be used during summer but also during winter. It's usually one way or the other. But the key to a successful design is often flexibility and versatility. This holiday home definitely proves that. Located just 5 minutes from ...

Lacquer-licious Furniture

Dec 11 2013 / No Comments

The shine, the sheen, the gloss. It's mesmerizing and tantalizing and everything attractive. A piece of lacquered furniture is often the perfect finishing touch to a space's décor. With its glossy surface, lacquer provides an extra shimmering surface, reflecting light and objects almost as though the light is coming from ...


Great Furniture Arrangements for an L-Shaped Living Room

Dec 11 2013 / No Comments

We don't all have the perfect living room layout. In fact, I'd say a good healthy majority of us have at least one architectural quirk or two that we're taking in stride as we figure out the best way to pursue “living” in our living rooms. One challenge that takes ...