5 Kitchen Bar Designs We Love

Dec 11 2013 / No Comments

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It's where families and friends gather, talk, laugh, play, and eat...not necessarily in that order. Bar stools situated at the island or countertop are a homeowner's way of silently saying, “Come in, pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable, and keep me ...


Modern Chalet In Canada Designed by AKB Architects

Dec 6 2013 / No Comments

Chalets are not usually synonyms with modern architecture or interior design. They're almost always barn-like structures with an interior featuring lots of wood and with an overall warm and cozy atmosphere, very rustic and very comfortable. But modern chalets can be just as charming. Take for example this one. The chalet ...


Abandoned farmhouse completely transformed by its new owner: a paper artist

Dec 3 2013 / No Comments

By the way this charming farmhouse looks now, you wouldn’t even think that it used to be an abandoned building not so long ago. As it often happens, the farmhouse found a new owner, one who decided to make it her home. It now belongs to artist Esther Martin who ...


Private Residence On A Small Site With A Beautiful Central Courtyard

Nov 23 2013 / No Comments

This house is located in Hyoja-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, in South Korea. It was designed and built by Min Soh, Gusang Architectural Group, Kyoungtae Kim and completed in 2013. Although it sits on a site that measures only 194 square meters, the house features beautiful natural landscaping around it, a request given by the ...


How To Use Vinyl In Bathroom Designs

Nov 23 2013 / No Comments

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a way into designing a new bathroom. After all, they all tend to have similar elements; a window treatment, a three piece suite and splash back tiling. To create something that is a bit different and that will refresh the décor of your ...


Contemporary restaurant in Barcelona designed like a train

Nov 23 2013 / No Comments

There was a time when the train was the main means of transportation on longue destinations. People had to spend many hours on the road and the trains thus had restaurants. There was something very charming about this space. Dining in a train was exquisite. There’s nothing to compare that ...