Brabus Mercedes Benz Viano iBusiness 3D

New Brabus Mercedes-Benz Viano iBusiness 3D

Mar 12 2011 / No Comments

Brabus unveiled Mercedes-Benz Viano iBusiness 3D, a luxury van built like none other for the world to see at the Geneva auto show. German tuner Brabus has made a significant effort in equipping this van with all modern technology fittings while retaining comfort levels equally. This van houses a 40-inch ...

Cristina aguilera home

Christina Aguilera’s Hollywood Hills mansion listed $5.99 million

Mar 11 2011 / No Comments

Christina Aguilera has been trying since April, 2008 to sell her Hollywood Hills mansion which was then priced at $7.99 million. This celebrity home listing with Jetliner views from downtown to the ocean was taken off the market, and re-priced at a $6.25 million. Christina chose to sell the 6,500 ...

Charlies's angels

Charlie Sheen gets Bonzini Babyfoot Barbie foosball limited edition table for $25k

Mar 11 2011 / No Comments

Charlie Sheen is popular for his acting on screen, and his lavish life offscreen. With a playboy image, as we know it, love for women and his latest feat of purchasing a limited edition Bonzini Babyfoot Barbie foosball table for $25k, he certainly never stops. The table has been moved ...

amazing fantasy

Spider-Man comic book sold for $1.1 million

Mar 11 2011 / No Comments

Spider-Man, the friendly neighborhood masked hero is a very popular character with kids, and fans all over the world, and his movies, cartoons, and comics are well-known. A comic book which dates back to the year 1962 featuring Spider-man for the first time was sold at a whopping $1.1 million ...


Most Expensive Tequila Bottle by Hacienda La Capilla

Mar 11 2011 / No Comments

Tequila is the most famous Mexican beverage made of agave and also renowned for busting your brains out. Any way, there are many companies that sell tequila, but one of them is definitely special because it manufactured the world's most expensive tequila bottle. It looked amazing and was made of ...

diva vodk

Diva Vodka –The World’s Most Expensive Vodka

Mar 10 2011 / No Comments

Vodka is a one of the strongest spirits. A few schnapps and you no longer know who you are or by contrary you might think that you have become one of the most powerful men in the world. All depends on the quantity you use and how long you can ...