Sponge Ceramic Lamps

By Stefan posted in Home Design on Jan 16 2012

Lighting systems are ment to provide the necessary light during night time in our homes or in any other place we need to see in the dark. Modern lighting systems can   provide more than that.Modern lighting is all about creating the right ambiance in the right interior setting, by becoming one with de design.

These lamps over here are unique not only by design and shape but also by texture.Using ceramics to create objects useful or decorative  for our home is not a extraordinary thing, people invented it thousands of years ago and its still cool and fashionable.The real interesting fact about these particularly ceramic  bowls are those thiny  pores.Some of them only at the surface  and some of them randomly penetrated  the sphere creating little holes spread over the entire ball of clay.Light is from inside creates an interesting effect through the beautiful porous hand made pottery.

That particularly look can add a great amount of value to your interior. Different sizes and colors allows you to place the lamps in the right place and to achieve a very expressive  design.Marvelous modern interiors are created  with decorative themes and lighting plays a key role in achieving that specific look. These original lamps will  definitely put your imagination at work and thanks to its nature it representes a quite versatile object allowing people  to  easily set up the place exactly as they want it.