The unique and bold design featured by the CitizenM London Bankside hotel

By Stefan posted in Hotels on Sep 17 2012

Opened on July 4th 2012, the CitizenM London Bankside hotel was a very special project. it’s the first hotel built by CitizenM and it’s not the first one on that chapter alone. It’s also the first hotel to feature such bold combination of elements. It basically has its own style already.

The hotel was a project implemented and completed by Concrete Architectural Associates and it’s located in London, in one of the most beautiful cultural and business districts. It offers a total of 192 rooms, all featuring unique interior decors. Since it’s just minutes away from landmarks such as the Tate Modern Museum, Millennium Bridge and the Globe Theater, the hotel’s guests can start their London experience by visiting these places and learning about the history and culture of this amazing city.

CitizenM London Bankside is a boutique hotel and its whole design was based on the idea that the guests will find it unusual and thus appealing and alluring. It features an impressive, bold, high-end design with top-notch technology. It’s a great destination for modern travelers in search for new experiences. The hotel is a masterpiece in the modern sense of the word. However, this modern interior also hides a few traditional touches, subtle and yet visible. This combination makes the hotel even more interesting from an architectural point of view.