The world’s most expensive bathroom is made of 380 kg of pure gold

By Simona Ganea posted in Featured, Home Design on Aug 2 2011

The Expo Global Tourist Exhibition Hall from Hong Kong is guesting a very unique and precious item. It’s a gold bathroom designed by Lam Sai-Wing. The arrangement features a solid gold toilet, gold toilet paper dispenser, gold basin, gold waste bin and air-conditioning cabinet. It seems exaggerated and it probably is but it’s something that definitely makes the owner stand out.

Some people might say it’s a true wonder of the modern world but to the majority of us it’s just a toilet made of gold. In fact, the entire collection required 380 kg of pure gold and 6200 gemstones. And in case you were wondering how much this thing costs, in 2001 it was worth $ 38 million. Of course, since nobody claimed it, the price went up and now the whole collection is priced at $ 80 million.

Lam Sai-Wing, the bathroom’s designer was supposably inspired by a quotation of Lenin that one dreamed of celebrating the communist revolution by building toilets made of gold. Anyway, whatever the inspiration source was, it’s not as important as the real thing. However, it might take a while until someone would seriously think of having a gold bathroom in the house. The whole idea seems exaggerated since it’s really nothing else that a plain simple bathroom with simple fixtures and simple pieces of furniture. They are not superior from any other decent pieces. The only thing that distinguishes them is the material used, that is pure gold. If, for example, they also had some intelligent gadgets incorporated then it might seem logical to want to have them. Anyway, it’s a personal choice and wondering how look the wash machine from beko washing machines.